Vicky’s Tips: Empowerment



Empowerment starts with small decisions. A decision to ask yourself, “What do I want?”. Often times we put the needs of others before ourselves. We may also neglect the opportunity to learn more and push ourselves beyond our obstacles. To be resilient we must learn not only to be strong but to recognize when we are weak. It is then that we can identify the source of our strength.


Advice: Dealing with pain

People will hurt you. People at work. People in your family. People you’re friends with    .People you don’t even know. People you expect to hurt you and people you don’t expect to hurt you. For anyone who has been hurt, we know the pain is soon to follow. I can say just let it go but the reality is it’s just not that easy. The best way to deal with something is to acknowledge that it’s there. Sometimes it involves talking to the person who hurt you and other times it involves deciding for yourself how to prevent the next occurrence. We have to protect ourselves in wisdom while not shutting down from those who love us. Decide whose worth talking it through with and who is not. At the end of the day not everyone deserves space in your heart but there are special people in your life who do. 


Vicky ❤

Vicky’s Tips: Support System

Surround yourself with positive people you can trust to share your concerns with. This could be a close friend or family member. Sometimes you may not feel like sharing, but just being around people who care about you can make your load seem lighter. Today, reach out to a loved one and spend time with them. When life gets burdensome remember you are not alone. Take time to laugh a little more and stress a little less. 



Vicky’s Tips: Boundaries 

How can you live a healthy life without appropriate boundaries ? If we constantly allow negative people in, we will never be able to live in peace. Learn to identify the negativity in your life. This could be changing the kind of media we consume, spending less time with complainers and changing our own thoughts from negative to positive. 

Today: Start a journal. List your negative thoughts and experiences. Ask yourself, how can I eliminate this negative experience? List your positive thoughts and experiences. Ask yourself, how can I increase these thoughts and experiences ?



Advice: You are not alone

Often times we experience challenges that we feel no one can relate to. Whether it’s trying to navigate your way in a career field or learning how to communicate in interpersonal relationships. We all have a struggle. I am here to lend my support and advice to young women in need of guidance.

Do you or someone you know need additional guidance? Email for advice or prayer requests.


Remember who you are 

I graduated from college with a degree in Journalism. I absolutely loved the adrenaline I got when I reached a deadline on what I thought was an important story to tell. I never wanted to lose sight of that feeling. 
I landed some really cool internships during college, however I still had trouble finding a job. During a communications internship post college, I began to think about how I would like to use my creativity in the future. I realized I had a compassionate heart that craved making a difference. 

Eventually I would go on to pursue that urge through teaching and volunteering but still something was missing. Now I missed the creative side. I felt like I had to choose between my creativity and philanthropy. I couldn’t figure out how to blend the two and when I thought I had the answer the doors were not opening. 

I knew I was a talented writer because in every role that was non creative I was still being asked somehow to create. My gift just kept exposing itself. 

That’s no surprise. It’s who I am. I could decide to ignore the voice telling me to go back to that undergraduate student who wanted nothing more than to make a difference through her creative brain. Or the little girl who would memorize and recite poetry at church. And maybe even the high school student who mapped her career plan to include her creative voice. 

This was who I am. And while I had been searching, I began losing that certainty. The closed doors were discouraging. It wasn’t working out how I planned. But now  I see why. I truly had to go through these experiences to learn more about myself. I had to be chased by my gift as I was searching. 

I now feel even more confident in who I am. I am not ashamed of who I am. I don’t fit into the box and I annoy some with my ideas but that’s because I don’t belong in a space other than my own. 

Today I promise myself that I will walk through that unexpected door and I will not look back. 

Trust your journey and you will find that the time it took for your door to open was just right.