This is Me

I like myself as is

I can’t be forced into your ideal

I don’t have to do what you ask

My time belongs to me

I choose where my energy goes

And I know where I belong

This is me

I will love myself all day long

I don’t need to add anything to my beauty

I already have it inside

I don’t need to change my look

I don’t need to change who I am

This is me

And I am a fan


You Can Do It


Have you ever had an experience where you feel you can do more? Maybe you are accomplishing one goal, but you see another one just steps ahead. While one goal may seem easy to achieve, the other may overwhelm us. We want to freeze and focus on the goal that seems more manageable, but what will we learn from playing it safe? When we play it safe,we train ourselves to believe that we can only have some of our desires, but not all of them. What if it were true that every desire in our heart is possible? What if our actions were out of belief and not fear?

Starting something new is scary. We are afraid to fail. We are impatient and we don’t know if the results will come right away. But what if we measured our success one step at a time? Don’t run. You can do it. It is time to believe again.


I Won’t Become Small


I won’t become small so that you can feel big.

I won’t apologize for being fearlessly me.

I will speak when I have something to say.

I will take my prize when I deserved the win.

Life is not about your approval of me.

It is about being all that I was created to be.

The Big Picture



We are all here for a purpose. Each moment of our day adds up to a bigger picture. As we look to find the green grass on the other side, let us remember the fountain of water in front of us. It fills us with gratitude, with hope and with faith. It helps us continue to thrive. That is the place where we go to reflect and to gather our thoughts about what’s next. For some of us, its prayer. For others, its journaling or speaking with friends. Let us find light. Let us find peace by remembering that the best is yet to come. In the long run all of those small moments will become still. The big picture will shine bright so that you will appreciate the sunny side.

Peace & Blessings,




The path may change

But the vision is the same

For one more breath

Is worth another step

It’s just the beginning

Don’t you forget it

Keep straight

Victory is ahead

But only for those who persist


Create the Space



Create space for you

To do the things that feel true

No need to force what does not fit

You will soon find that its your turn, you’re it

As time passes, your voice will grow

You will share with the world all you know

Make room for what exists

Make room for the unknown

It’s easier to walk away

But you would be leaving gold behind

It’s in your hands so open your eyes

This is the sun, waiting to shine

All so real, so divine

Don’t shrink to make them comfortable

Grace belongs with you

And freedom is your calling

Soul Food


Good company

Brings a world of smiles

Healing, love and contentment

The heart smiles when we leap

The mind inspires when we seek

Take time to feed your soul

Take time to be whole

Every day, you need to refill

Encouraging love and everything real

Starve the negative, plant good roots

Your garden must be well in order to dwell.