My Journey to a Better Life


I had to get tired of the same results.

I had to get tired of the same kind of people bringing me and my self value down.

The same kind of jobs not lining up with what I’m worth and who I am.

The same type of living that doesn’t match up to the hard work I’ve put into my life.

Have you ever felt this way? Fed up? Well let me tell you it’s the best place to be. Start changing yourself and stop settling because you’re afraid nothing better is coming!! Something better will come when you believe in yourself and break those bad habits. You choose every situation you’re in once you are at a certain point in life. So when are you going to stop and do something different?

When are you going to say what you want and get it? Love yourself enough to stop saying yes when you really mean no.

This is your reminder and I’m living by example. Be blessed and happy! You are Beautifully Purposed.

Love y’all,


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