I am transformed

Transformed by love Inspired by hope Every living day creates space for this new moment Old wounds have healed nicely In the place of peace I am thankful that you kept me strong when I felt weak This is what love does Heals the broken pieces Helps you understand That life’s trials do have reason.

I am Content

I am happy with where I am I’ve worked hard to get to this place I am thankful for the stillness The peace it brings Never listen to people who judge you for trying Only you know the place worth flying For your heart carries dreams only you can get to Keep yourself uplifted and…

I am with You

You don’t have to worry about my loyalty I’ll ride the wave through every storm By your side is where I’ll be I believe in you, and you in me Together we have meaning You keep me steady, always believing My faith is bigger when I’m with you United with purpose, you’re my truth.

I am Thriving

Since I left the past behind I’ve been living a life that I choose Not blinded anymore by the lies The foolish things that held me back No longer trapped by your words Paralyzed by fear I see my best self looking in the mirror Look at me now Thriving

I am Loved

I am loved In the most giving way I shed the pieces of me that do not belong The miseducation of love from seeds sown years ago To be fully loved is to be fully free In that I live peacefully Thankful for this revelation I sit with my hands open In this way I…

I am Worth It

She is worth more than rubies Full of treasure May God bless her life To give away her wisdom In the darkness, she shines light God is within her day and night He picks her up, he wins her fights Created with purpose Significant in meaning Beauty within A soul that’s surrendered To love and…

I am Chosen

I was always the choice But couldn’t see clear until you appeared A door closed with him So that in you I could be free Feelings of being cherished Granting a wish Knowing that love is an action Not just talked about for show You never disappoint Continue giving more So glad I decided to…

I am in Love

I am in love Falling for the person you are Indescribable feelings of admiration Adoring your nature This is where I belong In the space of ultimate healing Divinely connected More than expected I deserve a love like this And so do you.

I am Valuable

I have value My roots tell me so Somebody fought for me To be here and truly see The value within to simply be Enough someone else’s eyes Can’t define the path I’m on Created out of love Deserving of the best in return I give value I am valuable I was born that way