Dear Black Woman

Dear black woman. You matter. You are valuable. Your opinion is valid. You are not alone. When you feel misunderstood. And like nobody is listening. I am listening. I hear you. I see you. I am you. The love you were created with. Covers you each second. You aren’t dramatic. You aren’t too loud. You…

Your Truth Matters: Rejecting Conformity

Everyone has a truth. We hide from it to accommodate the ones who caused the pain. Why do we do that? In this world it is not always acceptable to acknowledge what is wrong. As much as we have free speech, silence gets rewarded more. No press, no judgement, no explanations with penalties. Silence is…

It All Means Something

There she was furious. Thinking about how things could be better. Why did he treat her that way? Why didn’t anyone fight for more? Why did they sweep the mess under the rug? What is their problem? This is what happens when we have got a call on our life. Things get to us. We…

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